Influence Marketing for business


Everyone heard about Influence Marketing but not many people know what it is and how to use influencer marketing tools. This term is close to PR industry although the definition has the word “marketing”. Let’s find out what the term influencer marketing is, how to use it and its advantages right now in this post.

This type of marketing is a way to make gains on the market with the help of internet leader’s opinions. There is much talk about brand promotion through collaboration with vloggers. Using vloggers to promote your brand is one of influencer marketing strategies. Also, you can find other influencers:

Brands looking for vloggers shouldn’t forget that they can choose appropriately for their goals tools. For the role of influencers, they may choose not only the YouTube vloggers, but companies, brands, even places.

Secret tool of influence marketing

A secret tool of influence marketing is that it doesn’t look like an advertisement. People use to believe to their favorite vloggers more than to any other type of advertising like TV commercials or Youtube ads. 92% of buyers believe the recommendations of other people even when they don’t know them personally.

How does influence marketing work

Thera are many forms of collaboration with people and institutions who have the power to change people’s opinions. According to Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report, the most frequent and resource-intensive tools of work with vloggers and social media are:

There are following goals set by brands that work with vloggers:

The most common metrics of effective influence marketing are sales indices, activity changes in the social media networks and targeted clicks.

Influence marketing economy

Western marketers and PR specialists notice an amazing efficiency of influence marketing and particularly using YouTube vloggers to promote your brand. In comparison with other ads canals, influencer marketing examples are the most profitable.

Also, you can get some more advantages if you enter on its path:

Some problems of influence marketing

Just not to create a narrow view that Influencer Marketing is totally powerful and “fits all” let’s point out some problems of this type of ads:

  1. First, this is about the inability to control vloggers. Collaboration with vloggers is always a risk, because they may create low-quality content, express their negative opinion about your product. Even huge industries like Samsung, Apple, big shops, and centers face bad faith of some YouTube vloggers.
  2. Second, influence marketing for business isn’t convenient for each goal. The case is that not every area has its influencers. So, sometimes it can’t open you all its possibilities because some segments don’t have influencers.
  3. If you want to set up your own business you should try influencer marketing strategies and learn how to promote with vloggers. It will help you to increase your profit, to promote your brand with less staff time and investment.