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How to use YouTube influencers for low-cost marketing

Using Influencers can help promote your business to a large audience in a quick and efficient way as 60% of YouTube viewers have made a purchase based on a YouTuber's advice. The YouTube influencer market is growing so this number will only increase.

For example, lifestyle vloggers Wah & Weylie was able to reach over 100K engaged consumers with just one video by integrated a greeting card company's products into a vlog-style YouTube video helping to expand brand awareness.

In addition, using influences may allows your company to have a competitive edge. Already, Fashion and Beauty Monitor recently reported that 60% of companies in these sectors use influencers as part of their marketing mix. You will need to participate in this style of marketing to stay ahead.

It’s important to keep in that influencers are not your customers and therefore, you shouldn’t sell them your product/service when you reach them out. They are your channel to promote your business. A business can easily take advantage of these influencers by providing value to the influencer through a gift, payment, and/or value for themselves and/or for their subscribers such as discount code for a product or service in exchange for their promotion of your product.

The best way to contact a possible influencer is through a personal email. You can find potential Youtube influencers with a Skycob tool which automatically pulls the emails of Youtubers from their videos.

Top YouTube influencers are well-positioned to reach millions of engaged followers with brand-sponsored content and leverage the relationships they have with fans to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Adults and millennials now consider YouTube influencers to be more influential and believable than traditional celebrities. In fact, a recent Cassandra Report shows that 46% of US 7-17 year olds like YouTube stars because they seem like regular people, just like them. This allows your company to connect with possible customers in a more personal way.

Therefore, Youtube may be your best investment in advertising for a small business as the promotion will always will be on YouTube as compared to a single aired advertisements. It’s an ads that never ends as more and more people can continual visit the video and see your product/service being used.

How do I choose the right keywords to find the best-fit influencer?

In order to find the best influencer for your company, we have designed a tool that allows you to quickly find youtuber emails through a keyword search. In order to optimize your searches, you want to search specific keywords that directly relate to your business.

For example:
If you a fashion brand, you may want to find an influencer who can promote your brand on their channel. First, you must think which keywords relate to your business For example, your keywords may be: fashion, trends, style, women, accessories, big haul...etc.
Second, to find the perfect influencer you need to better define your market fit, or who your perfect user is and describe them with additional keywords. Think who are you marketing to to help you discover charasterics.
For example, if your brand targets busy fashion forward moms additional keywords may include vlog, kids, moms, and busy, along with your previously determined characteristics of fashion forward and trendy.

In contrast, if you are targeting the tween market you will search for younger topics such as middle or high school, fashion for girls, school, boys, parents, etc.

The more the define, the better chance your influencer and their followers will be your perfect market fit so be as specific as you can.

Once you found keywords that describe your perfect market fit take advantage of other tools offered such as refining your search by date or number of subscribers which can help you find active users with large amounts of subscribers as their subscribers are also your customers!

What does the number of subscribers mean?

When advertising for your business, you may want to use a social media influencer to make your product more well know. Upon first glance, you may assume the number of subscribers is directly linked to the amount of influence an individual has but this is an incorrect assumption. Some bloggers have 1M subscribers may only convince 1% of their users to try a product, but some other blogger who only has 500 subs may convince 40% of their users. That why we say the number of subscribers directly linked to the amount of influence an individual is a wrong assumption, you should not ignore bloggers with small subscribers numbers.

For example, the number of subscribers has various meanings that depends on the fields of the influencer’s channel. An influencer who works in makeup/lifestyle field with 10,000 subscribers may agree to make a video for free, or for a gift because it is a common field with many competitors.
However, an influencer who talks about machine learning and AI field only have 1,000 subscribers, you may still need to pay them for making a video for your business, because they have the more expensive audience which is other businesses.
Therefore, the lower number of subscribers does not mean the blogger do not have great influence on the field.

If an influencer has up to 500 subscribers they probably won’t be earning money on ads on such a low level. So, how can you ask them to give a favor to advertise for you? The answer is to show them your product and first ask for feedback. If they liked your product, then you can ask them to make a video about your video for free. Most of their influencers who only has a small number of subscribers will agree because he is looking for content for his channel. However, we will suggest you offer them a present or a fully sized sample of your product in exchange.

If the influencer has 1M subscribers, it will be in a different situation. For this type of influencer, they are professionals who will promote your service in exchange for money. When you reach them, be ready to talk to their manager or agent, and then you will receive the rates for the advertising.